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of Nature and Things - het Ei (the Egg)

With The Egg, I focused on creating a sculpture in which light and sound design are integrated. This way, no external speakers or lights are needed to create a total experience. The experience itself is based on the magical experience that you can have on our physical reality. 

One part of the sound design is based on the crackling of eggshells. The intensity of each egg crackle is coupled to a light flash on the LED strips. Another part of the sound design is based on a chord progression and a synthesis technique called phase alligned formant synthesis. Described by in Theory and Techniques of Electronic Music by Miller Puckette. There are mainly 3 nuances in playing the egg. When you move close to the egg the sound design becomes more intense. When you move out of the proximity field the chord changes. When you touch the water the most intense effect is achieved. The programming and sensor interfacing is done using the BELA: a low-latency audio board for embedded applications. It allows the installations to run without any other hardware needed, and makes them quick to set up and play!

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