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Fedde interviewed by 'Het acht uur journaal' as an integral part of the presentation of the culture note by the former minister Bussemaker.

Fedde ten Berge (1983) is a sound artist based in Heiloo near the Dutch coast. Right behind his house he manages his own studio and workshop. He creates work across different contexts and disciplines and he regularly invites artists for a residency.

In his work, Fedde challenges his audience to leave the comfort zone of the distant spectator and, to a large extent, take responsibility for the experience of his work. In exhibiting his work he is looking for social aspects and alludes to playful interaction inbetween his audience.


He sees sound art as an interdisciplinary art form in which sound is uncompromising but the connection is sought with other art forms. Fedde has embraced this focus to develop his skills broadly. He is the builder of interactive sound installations, performer and composer of electronic music. Fedde is committed to make works that are solidly constructed and can operate without his supervision. In the design of his work he emphasizes the geometry of nature. With these works he exhibits at solo exhibitions as well as general exhibits curated together with other artists.


With his work he aims at processing a kind of ‘gateways’ that provide the human mind an opening to new insights, in this case in specific aspects of sounding (musical) objects that surround us. He intends to make a disturbance in the material(s) of such an object, this creates a specific sound, dispensed by this object. By further manipulating this specific sound revealed by the object, he exposes to himself and his audience an intrinsic aspect of the nature of such an external object. This enables his audience to experience qualities of the world that already surrounds them. Because they are part of this world themselves, they may learn to identify with these objects in a new and intimate way.


Fedde worked as the artistic coordinator at the highly renowned and much missed STEIM in Amsterdam which has served as an essential institution for the development of electronic arts in the past 50 years. At the STEIM facility he managed his own workshop for electronics, wood and metal processing. He guided visiting artists and interns during their journy into interactive sound installations, electronic music and instrument design.

He organized exhibitions nationally and internationally, together with and within STEIM and is still ongogin with these exhibits in collaboration with long time STEIM employee Frank Baldé.

Fedde plays solo concerts with his self-built instruments at national and international music venues and festivals. He designed and build a mobile 15.3 surround sound loudspeaker system called The Pentacle. Numerous artists have developed special works for The Pentacle 15.3 and the system has been travelling all over Europe. He publishes conference papers within his discipline. Fedde regularly creates interactive sound design and electronic music compositions for music theater initiatives. Within this theatre context he mainly collaborates with his life partner Anne Roos Rosa de Carvalho who has a profession as music theatre maker.


Further on he developed an ongoing educational project called the Sound Hunter together with the Dutch, Utrecht based organisation Kunst Centraal. In the scope of this collaboration he visits, with his interactive sound installations, around forty primary schools each year. His installations touched- and are touched by more then 10.000 children and still counting.

As a guest lecturer he teaches conservatoire and art students in the field of instrument design, electronics, sensor strategies, data mapping and programming. And on request he builds complete instruments, installations or other music tech solutions for fellow artists, brands and institutions. 

Fedde performing with his instrument the PRP voyager in his Pentacle 15.3 surround sound system during the opening of Sonic Acts in Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

​Training and diplomas

Royal Conservatory, The Hague, Sonology, Master of Music 2009

Open University of London, European Media Master of Arts 2007

HKU, Art, Media & Technologie, Hilversum, Bachelor in Sound Design & composition (With Honors) 2006

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