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The installation is a combination of light and sound art in a dark room. Visitors themselves create unique sound combinations by operating the buttons on the artwork. It is an interactive soundscape that is made with the own curiosity. It never sounds the same. After all, every visitor chooses itself a unique sequence of the various options.

Mark Hazeleger designed the light stencils. By using the stencils tightly cut light is projected. The light thus reaches a strong focus, and form geometrical figures on the walls of the space. This creates a play of light that fills the space in combination with sound. Using context-sensitive electronic sound synthesis and sound design is created simultaneously with the light an entire world of sound is created. Continuously different combinations and sequences are possible by operating the various buttons. Within the system of the installation there are different algorithms that provide a large variety of structured light and sound operations.

The system is designed around the spring principle from an old coin switch. In ancient coin phones this switch was used to count coins. The user operates the installation by tapping the coin switch. The resilient principle is exploited to awaken a simultaneously switching light and sound world. The behaviour of the algorithms that triggered by this principle is influenced with two other buttons that are switch on and off by the public.

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