Turntable Performance System II

The Turntable Performance II (TPSII) System is an interactive Performance Environment. I've made this system in artistic and conceptual collaboration with Luc van Weelden. TPS II (TPS) is a continuation of TPS I. After evaluating the first TPS-system the conclusion was that the mechanical tolerances of LEGO limited our technological and artistic goals. We sketched a version 2.0.


Turntable Performance System II was commissioned by  Performing Arts Fund NL in May 2010. The aim was to build a complete new TPS with low mechanical tolerances, high speed positioning with extreme high precision. The mechanical realisation was done by Rene Bakker. The rotation of the record and the translation of the stylus are now driven by stepper motors. To control the system Jo Scherpenisse designed an electronic circuit that made it possible to control every aspect of the TPS with pure sine waves.