Turntable Performance System I

TPS I is an interactive performance environment.  This was environment was realised in artistic and conceptual collaboration with Luc van Weelden in 2008.

Turntable Performance System (TPS) is an interactive improvisational environment in which image, sound, light, robotics, musicians and audience are put together in a multidisciplinary performance. The project was founded at the Arts Academy in Hilversum (HKU) where we've studied Music Technology. After our graduation we continued the project with a subsidy granted by Performing Arts Fund NL.

Our ideas evolved in a performing system that consists of LEGO robots able of translating a stylus over a piece of vinyl-record. It's an interactive system that consists of sound and music input by two performers, to which the robots would react in a sort-of musical way. A new phase in the project was initiated as of June 2010 under the name of TPS II.