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Pentacle Laterns (june2019-current)

Togher with Rik Wijngaards a custom LED based light design system is developed for The Pentacle. This will enable artists to compose an immersive light show using video matrices. 


Art Machines (7Dec 2019)

During Art Machines The Pentacle will be presented in a new breeding ground in Utrecht. With performances by myself, Joost Rekveld/Beacon and others to be announced.

Amsterdam Art Weekend (23/24Nov 2019)

During Amsterdam Art Weekend The Pentacle will be presented in the Gashouder in Amsterdam. This will be a collaboration in between me The Children of the Light, Sébastien Robert,and Birgitte van Hagen.

Van Doesberg Huis (2Nov 2019)

The 2nd of November I am a guest artist at the Maison Van Doesburg, Meudon, Paris, France. I'll present some of my sound art works to the public there. Such a cool place to hang around and show my stuff...!!

Amsterdam Dance Event (17Oct 2019)

The Pentacle will take over the main hall of the Compagnie Theatre in Amsterdam with performances by myself, Gorkem Arkan, Synthaclaus and Boy van Oojen.

PRP Voyager (Jan2019 - current)

Together with STEIM's intern Ward Slager I'm developing a new hardware instrument named PRP VOYAGER. It's based on pseudo random pulse algorithms that I initially developed in MaxMSP gen~. I was previously controlling them with plastic controllers.
Ward made a c++ implementation on Bela. We upgraded the whole musical procedure and designed an interface. This beast has been given 6 pseudo random pulse generators all on separated outputs. It has build-in audio synced spatialisation control for The Pentacle 15.3. It can morph in between four complex presets for each pulse layer with a joystick. The joystick can also be overwritten with 12 cv inputs and it has 6 clock outputs to sync other stuff to the pulses. It can loop the pulse pattern and shift in between regularity and irregularity. It has a LCD parameter monitor.......and of course RGB led encoders that will morph with the presets

Sonic Acts Stedelijk Museum (feb2019)

The Pentacle will be placed in the Schiphol lounge during Sonic Acts. I will do the opening performance with the PRP Voyager. Also Hugo Esquinca, Ji Youn Kang and Nina  Pixel will perform with the Pentacle.

Besides my sound art works of Nature and Things and de KES will presented in the Stedelijk Museum.

microTONE (2017 - current)

At the moment I am working on an interactive sound  installation commissioned by STEIM Amsterdam. STEIM is coordinating a project called Micro-Tone. With this project STEIM wants a group of sound artists to create a sound artwork that takes place in its own acoustic space. It must be an experience for one person. For this project I'm working on a cube that you can enter with your head and torso. From the inside the box is covered with 80 speakers. The technique used to drive the loudspeakers is inspired by the way the speaker routes of Varèse and Xenakis in the Philips paveljoen at the world expo Brussels in 1958 where controlled.